File Limit Listing for a Large Directory

  • Answered
I am trying to list all the files in a very large directory on a client website and get the message "output truncated to 8000 matches." How do I list the files beyond the 8000 limit?

I am using FileZilla, but it should not be the reason for the limit.
Hello Drew,

If you are on a shared account with us, then this limit is not available to be adjusted. However, if you are on a VPS or Dedicated server and have root access, you can change the limit by editing the /etc/pure-ftpd.conf file. The line you want to edit is below:

LimitRecursion 8000 8

The first number is the file number limit, simply change that to a higher number.

Once the edit is made and the file is saved, you will need to do a service restart for apache to allow the change to take place.
Best Regards,
Scott M