How can I enable outgoing DKIM?

  • Answered
I'm aware of the "Email Authentication" settings in cPanel, and I've got DKIM enabled there. But that setting only authenticates incoming mail. Outgoing email still does not have the "DKIM-signature" header required to participate in the email feedback loop services of companies like Yahoo.

How can I enable DKIM for outgoing email in my VPS 2000 account?
Hello samalone64, When you enable DKIM via your cPanel, that tags outgoing mail with a DKIM signature. I was able to test your emailing capabilities of both domains on your primary cPanel account. I created a test email account on both and sent an email to our support via the webmail program. Both emails arrived with DKIM signatures in the headers. Feel free to send a test message from the domain you are not seeing the DKIM signatures to [email protected] and then leave a comment below to notify us. We will be happy to take a look at the headers to confirm. Best Regards, Scott M