I'm coding my website in Dreamweaver Cs6, and for some reason the links are opening in different tabs! Is there a way to fix this where they all open in the same tab?

  • Answered
For instance, my About Page opens in a Separate tab than my Index Page, I want them all to open in the same tab.
Hello TopShelf, Links control where they open (new tab, new window, same tab, etc) by using a "target" attribute. It sounds as if your CS6 is using the "_blank" setting, which causes the link to open in a new window. You can change it to "_self" and then the links will then open in the same window. Here is the specific text regarding setting the target when creating a link in the DreamWeaver interface: "Set the target window for the link. If you want the linked page to open in the same window—as most linked pages do—don’t select anything. To make the page open in a new window, select the _blank option (see the box on Targeting and Titling Links for more on targeting a link)." The entire article on creating links can be found here. Best Regards, Scott M