Sent Mail sent via Gmail client (using my domain) not downloaded by RoundCube

  • Answered
Hi - I recently set up my domain and have been using Gmail as a unified interface for multiple accounts. My Inmotion domain is set up on Gmail / Settings / Accounts tab like this:
Not an alias.
Mail is sent through:
Secured connection on port 465 using SSL
I'd like to be able to access all my account mail via one of InMotion's webmail options but currently only the Inbox is syncing up. If I want this function do I need to use only Roundcube instead of the Gmail web client?
Also grappling with how to accept calendar invites sent to my InMotion domain with my Gmail and Mac Calendar interfaces.
Should I just use Outlook (which has problems of its own) as the client for both email and calendar?
If you're using a web-based client, you would need to use 3rd party client like Gmail or Yahoo mail where they can be set up to accept mail from other hosts. Our Webmail solutions are built to work with internal accounts only. You would be much better off using the Gmail client. I would also use the Google Calendar apps for the invites - better interconnectivity, especially if you center around one solution. If you're using our solutions, you would need to use an email client like Outlook and then you would need have everyone use a calendar option there - though, I just looked at their option and they have more information here: MS Outlook Calendar info. One of these two options would be a better solution for what you're asking. If you have any further questions, please contact technical support available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Regards, Arnel C. Community Support