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I recently purchased a new pet store template for my site and so far I am not impressed. I would like to bring your attention to a problem I noticed right away with regard to the product pages. I bring this up because I don't know if it is an issue with the OpenCart default product pages or not.

Notice under DOG SWEATERS. DESIGNER WATERPROOF RAINCOATS You will see some images of the different patterns. Notice how the software keeps pushing the page down as it adds the images on the left. It looks really bad. The description is a long way down.

It seems to me that my old theme did not do this. Do you notice anything wrong with the way this theme handles the product pages? I can't believe that the author could have thought this looked good. Do you see anything wrong with the code?


Hello Simon.

In checking the code, that is indeed the way it was designed. My guess is that the designer was a little shortsighted in the number of additional images someone may need to add on their site. While it does look a little strange on the sections that have a lot of images, I do see the intent of having the description set as it is after all images.

Best Regards,
Scott M