Dreamweaver CS6 FTP settings keep giving a error, what are the right settings?

  • Answered
I have set up my FTP to not get a error when I use the / under the "Root Directory" but none of my test html files are available. I get a error whenever I use any other Root directory. All I have us a simple test.html, and it is not showing up, it gives me a Error 404. What am I doing wrong with these settings?
Hello William.Dev, When working with DreamWeaver, or any program that uses FTP, you can simply use your normal FTP credentials. These can be found in our FTP getting started guide. You may need to tweak the publishing folder to get the files in the right place, depending on the program you use. For DreamWeaver specifically, we do not have a CS6 article, but we do have a general DreamWeaver publishing article: FTPing your files in DreamWeaver MX This one points to information for CS5 as well. I am happy to see you got the situation resolved, however and thank you for letting us know how you did it. It may be very helpful for someone else having the same issue. Best Regards, Scott M