How can I make images appear in OpenCart product options?

  • Answered
I am using OpenCart 1.5.4 and the product option I created is color. I have uploaded an image for each color option. In the Admin panel everything is fine. In the store front the select (drop down list) is there but the images are not showing up. Any ideas?
Images are only available when using the radio button options.
Radio buttons are a safer way than dropdown selects to choose a single option value - it avoids "slip of the finger" errors.
Thank you for your question MarciaR! You can change the settings within your Open Cart Dashboard. Follow the below steps. 1. Log into your Open Cart Dashboard. 2. Go to Catalog > Options. 3. Click Edit to the right of the Option name. 4. In the Type drop box, select Image. 5. Save the changes and look at the product in the store. You will now see the options with images. Best regards, James R