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I purchased a new theme/extension for my OpenCart website. It is.

PetShop (Hekemabi)

This style sheet looks very different to me and I have not yet been able to sort out where everything is. Note that my logo is below the header and into the categories section. In the past I could fix this but can't find where to do it on in this new style sheet.

The logo being into the categories is also causing an automatic redirect to the homepage instead of going to either DOG BEDS or CAT BEDS.

Please help with this. Where is line I need to move the logo up?

Hello Simon, There were a couple of settings that needed to be altered regarding the Header and Logo settings. The file that needed to be edited is located at /catalog/view/theme/hekimabi-petshop/stylesheet/stylesheet.css. That is the file that is governing the layout for the header, in case you ever want to check it out. Under the category for the #header #logo area, You will see a line of code as follows: position: absolute; . I left the setting there and simply commented it out. This moved the logo up, but the buttons for dog and cat beds didn't work. This was due to another setting under the category of #header which is located just above the previous category. The setting that needed to be changed was the z-index. It was set at 99, but it needed to be set to 0. This is due to the logo having a transparent area that more or less covers the buttons below. Having a positive z-index placed the logo over the buttons and you could not click on them. Having it at a negative number caused the logo to disappear. The setting of 0 lets them all work together. It all seems to be working now for you. Good luck with the new theme! Best Regards, Scott M