SSL protection for Wordpress admin panel login...

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I can access the cpanel via SSL connection with no issues via this link: cpanel/

I also have couple of blogs hosted by Inmotion and tried a number of different link to login to the WP admin panel, like this link:

All the tried links resulted in a 404 error.

Is there a way to utilize the SSL cert on the shared server for protecting the login credentials for the WP admin panel login?
Hello medbills, If you are using separate blogs on a cpanel, then to use the shared SSL for the other domains, you would lose the ability to actually use the domain name. The WordPress will only use the domain URL it is trained to, so changing it to the shared SSL URL would change it for the entire site. You may want to consider using the WordPress Multisite setup. This allows you to log in at one location and maintain multiple blogs. They will be able to display from their own domain names, but they are maintained by a single admin panel and use the same database. Below is an intro article on the Wordpress MU: Wordpress MU Best Regards, Scott M