phpList confirm subscription URL and message sending problems

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I am getting a 404 Error when Users click the URL link to confirm their Subscription. It sends them to (I've replaced our actual domain with here.)

I believe the problem is occurring because the URL should contain the users uniqid. Is this correct? If so, I cannot find an answer on how to change the Confirmation URL to include the user's uniqid in admin controls or the config.php file. Where do I need to do this at?

The second problem is the mailing is being sent twice to each subscriber. One in HTML, the other plain text. I have the setting for all users to receive HTML emails. Where and how do I make the change so that users are not getting both HTML and plain text?

Thanks much.
Hello Peyton,

Sorry to hear about your problem with phpList. I've actually been looking on the phpList forums for your answer. This program is created by a third party, and your best source of technical support for it would be there. However, if you want us try and troubleshoot the issue we don't mind reviewing it. The main problem here is that we need more information. Based on what you given, I try to recreate the page, using your domain, but I'm getting a 404 . I think I have the complete url. Can you the exact URL where the issue is happening? If you don't to publish the URL, you can always submit a support request with the developers of the product ( or with our live support group. Our apologies for the delay on an answer, but give us just a little more information and we can try to fix it.

If you have any further questions, please contact technical support available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.


Arnel C.
Community Support