How Do I Host Another Domain in My Account?

  • Answered
Hi there. I purchased one domain name and Launch plan before and now I have purchased another domain name. A second launch plan is included with that original purchase right? How do I get that going on my second domain?

I went to the domain via the AMP-Tools and Resources-Quick Links-Enter domain information-"Get Started on Website"...and then I was sent to your main site to purchase another Launch plan. How do I avoid payment and simply use the second launch plan that is included with my original payment?
Thank you for your question HannahJerome! You registered the domain correctly so you not just need to add it into your Addon Domains in your cPanel. Please see the links below. How to log into cPanel Adding an Add-on Domain in cPanel Once you get the domain added to your cPanel, there will be a document root folder created in your cPanel for that domain. You upload your files to that directory and the domain will load a separate website. You don't need to do anything through your AMP panel. Best Regards!