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Hello, back in Feb....I think...I contacted the chat line to help set up my business email for Outlook 2007. They sent me the instructions and I followed them...Outlook seems to accept the email and I can sent emails to myself from another server. Servers were pointed away from my last hosting company...and, pointed to you. My question is that 1) I lost all the emails I had. 2) I don't get any emails from any of my business vendors I had previously. And, I received mail Why?
Thanks for your help. Bear
Hello Bear,

I setup a test account called "test" and emailed from it and to it using an email client with IMAP settings. I saw the email come in, and also verified that email sent out was working. I then sent a test email while I watched the live log for emails going into the manager email and it verifies that the email is working.

The problem might be with your email client. I'm not sure what settings you're using. If they're still not working, try changing the settings to use the following:

incoming mail server =
port = 993

outgoing mailserver =
port = 465

Make sure that your user name = your FULL email address and correct password.

I couldn't find anything wrong with your email server, so we need to look at the client setup first.

If you have any further questions, please contact technical support available 24/7.


Arnel C.