Why do I get Stuttering on Video Streaming ?

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Hi - I am developing a customer site which will be loaded on IHM when finsihed. I have an mp4 video in a folder with some very simple HTML 5 code in my page. When it runs it stutters badly.
What Can I do to optimize the streaming ? I don't need a player like JW as I don't want my customer to have pause / start / fast forward. I just want it to run clean like videos run on CNN.
Have a look for yourself:

What advice can you give me to achive that ?

btw - be aware, mp4 does not run in Firefox.
Hello vincej, and thank you for your question. When I took a look at the site the video in question actually did not stutter at all for myself. How bad is it stuttering for you? Is the audio out of sync, or is the video itself very choppy? I could simply be the computer that you're viewing the video on, as .mp4 videos can be taxing on your system resources. Or you could also possibly be having a bit of packet loss to the server itself. I took a look at the details of the video and it appears to have an overall bit rate of 1,875 Kbps for a resolution at 700 x 400. That's probably on the bit high side for the resolution of the video. For instance here is Adobe's recommended rates for live streaming. The closest comparison resolution they have on there looks to be 720 x 486 which they recommend only 1,200 total Kbps. When you play the video directly from your hard drive, is it still stuttering for you? If so that would indicate it's probably just the computer you're trying to watch it on. Ensuring you have a lower bitrate is going to help make sure the widest audience is going to have a good playback of the video. Hope that information is helpful, please let us know if you had any further questions. - Jacob