Which mysql tables/fields hold the downloadable product info?

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You give a nice 'one-at-a-time-click-here-then-here-and save' how-to for linking a downloadable file to a product. But I have too many products to do that. I would like to create the proper table insert statements by a script (which will read the product table for the product id and product name, etc.)
So, if I have a product with id=1, and name AABB.epub, stored at ...download/cdn/english/AABB.epub, what goes where in the download and download_description tables? And any other tables/ changes to tables.

Hello newbury,

While creating your own script to insert into the database maybe more efficient, it is possible you would not get all the correct tables int he statement. As we did not create the program, we are unaware of all the tables involved in an insert. There are obvious tables such as the product table, but there can be others that are optional based on different conditions as well as other index tables that we do not know about.

If you have too many products to do it one by one, you will want to check the OpenCart modules to find one that will fit your needs. These typically need to be purchased however, and have different features, so you will want to read about different ones to find which one is best for you.

Best Regards,
Scott M