DNS Entries

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I Have created a new Joomla site on my new inmotionhosting account. however I wanted to know where to point my dns to. right now www.mydomain.com, ftp.mydomain.com point to my old host. Let me know so that I can point my domain to the new joomla site.
Thank you for your question uprooted! You can point your domain nameservers to our nameservers to direct the entire domain DNS to our server. Changing the nameservers to ours will load all DNS entries on your server with us. Updating your domain's dns / nameservers Or you can point the A records for your domain to your server IP address. This will keep the DNS at your current host and point the www and ftp subdomains to your server with us. Email will stay at your old host. How to find your Shared IP address of your server in cPanel Best regards, James R