Why transfer domain name?

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I looked at the video about domain name transfer. Since you don't register names yourself, what is the advantage of transferring to MelboureIT? I have some domain names registered at Godaddy. The one of most interest is one I want to buy a hosting plan for. Why transfer registrar, versus just point nameservers? Another name I have is registered for 5 yrs at Godaddy. If I transfer, do I lose that, or carry the duration of registration with me? If InMotion turns out to be more satisfactory than Godaddy, I would want to move the (existing) hosted content for this 2nd domain over also. I could host both 2 domain addresses on single hosting plan, correct?
Hello mobilechatham,

If you are happy with your current registrar, you may simply point the domain to our nameservers. The biggest advantage of having the domain names under our/Melbourne IT control is having everything in one place.

When a domain name changes registrars, an additional year is added to it's current expiration, so you will not lose any time that is already prepaid on a domain, but in fact gain an additional year.

The number of domain names hosted depends on the plan type, but even the Launch plan allows two domain names on the account, so you would certainly be able to host more than one domain on your account.

Best Regards,
Scott M