How do I remove site forwarding?

  • Answered
I set up my site to forward to another website, and I would like to remove that. I cannot figure out how to remove that re-direct. Thank you!
-James Price
Hi James, If you setup your redirect in cpanel, removing the redirect is very similar.

To remove a redirect

* Log into your cPanel * Click the Redirects icon * In the list of redirects at the bottom of the page, click the red X under the Remove column next to the redirect you want to remove If you don't see any redirects in cPanel, you may have added a redirect using PHP code or javascript. If that is the case, you'll need to manually edit those files and remove the redirect code. I hope this helps! Thanks, - Brad
Hello James,

I found three accounts for you in our system. None of them seem to be redirecting. I checked the redirect and parked domain tools as well. Which domain are you having issues with and how did you set up the redirect?

Best Regards,
Scott M