My Website is not Displaying Correctly, What Happened?

  • Answered
I no nothing about this stuff, so I'm dead meat
Hello bestwa8, Thank you for contacting us about your website not displaying correctly. I see that your site was created using the FrontPage application. In checking the source code, however, the site is displaying exactly as it is told. FrontPage does not always go by the web standards when compiling a site and it can appear differently depending on the browser you use. However as Frontpage is no longer supported by Microsoft, they do not offer any fixes or advice on how a site appears on the web. The best way to get around the way the site is displaying is to select a different web builder. One such application is the WordPress program. This is updated constantly and supported by a strong community. We also know quite a bit more about it since it is a supported product by both us and the WordPress community. Below is a link to our WordPress education channel. Wordpress Education Channel Best Regards, Scott M