Email forwarding not working

  • Answered
Forwarding is (I believe) set up correctly. Forwarded messages have been received without delay in the past. Messages sent to domain addresses this morning that should have been forwarded have not been received by the target email account and no non-delivery error messages have been received by the senders. Is there a system problem and should this condition be expected?
Thank you for your question pajuliet! When you have forwarders set up to go to a Gmail account, multiple emails from the same server may not reachthe account due to Google's restrictions. You have 4 different email addresses going to the same Google account. Google will stop multiple forwarded emails withing a specific period of time. To work around this, you will want to set up your Gmail to use POP instead of using forwarders in cPanel. Please see the following tutorial on how to set up your Gmail as a POP account. How to configure Gmail to access your email Sorry for the inconvenience. Best Regards, James R