Zen Cart Change Title. Zencart the art of E commerce

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Followed steps and it is not showing up with the updated information.

To change the title text to say what you want, open the includes/languages/english/meta_tags.php file in your text editor. Find the following line of code:

// page title
define('TITLE', 'Zen Cart!');

// Site Tagline
define('SITE_TAGLINE', 'The Art of E-commerce');

Replace the title and tagline text with your own text, making sure that the single quote marks are not left out and new quote marks are not added.

Save the edited file to includes/languages/english/custom/meta_tags.php and upload it to your server.
Thank you for your question ReactiveTargets!

I was able to change and see the changes in the file. The Title is the "Title tag" that is located in the "Head" section of your website. This is what Google and search engines see. You won't see this on the site itself unless you look at the code. If you change the title and site tagline you will see it in the following code of your site.

<title>Reactive Targets, One Stop shopping for Reactive Targets</title>

The first part is the title and second the tagline. Are you trying to change the title tag text of your site or something else?

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James R