I want to increase my max_file_uploads limit

  • Answered
I am trying to increase my max_file_uploads from 20 to 50. I was given a link to this:

I tried this, but adding the php.ini file change didn't work. I asked technical chat support and they went through and replicated what I did and confirmed it didn't work.

They then mentioned that I might not be able to do it since I am on a shared server, but they didn't seem sure.

1) Is this true or am I doing it wrong?
2) If it is true, can the global setting be changed to something higher? Any reason it couldn't be?
3) If it can't be changed, what are my options?

Thank you for your time.
Hello SlinkySam! Thank you for your question. You can have it set to 50 on shared. I looked at your .htaccess file and it was missing the recursive path to the php.ini. I added the recursive path to your .htaccess so you should see the setting work now. Best regards, James R