Temp URL Site/Server Issue - Want to Dump and Reinstall WP

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Have been setting up a new design for site on a temp url to migrate-in an existing site's content from an alternate asp provider.

About 2 weeks ago Inmotion migrated my account to a new server. While i received the 7 day advance notice - i didn't receive the 'day of move' notice it seems until the day after the move took place. These things happen - however - on the previous day connectivity and plugin functions were all over the place. I began trouble shooting - reversing any previous code changes made the previous week, and ultimately - thinking the database was the problem uploaded a previous version of the db. The next day when i received notice of the move that had happened - i checked and sure enough - some of the images onsite were on the old temp url address and others were on the new temp url. It seems my database swap - occured mid-move or something to that effect.
At this point site server response is still sluggish / sporadic - it seems perhaps something else might have misaligned with the changes I was making/testing during the move. I'm thinking my best option - before loading up the all the content of the original site is to dump and then reinstall this version of WP? I've disabled all plugins, saved my child theme custom coding. Can or should I simply dump wp and then reinstall? Does this seem sensical? Will that give me a fresh db and start? Will the plugin setting still hold or be lost? Any guidance appreciated. Is this the right spot for this type of question?
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Hello jimii,

For a site loading issue, you may want to hold off on wiping the site and doing a fresh install. You may want to submit a ticket to our Live Support team so they can have the systems team take a look at the server and try to identify what is causing the slowness. It may be specific processes. They may recommend a reinstall, which would not hurt as long as you have all the data so you can restore it, but I would let them take a quick look first as it may save you some time.

To do so, you must contact our support department by submitting a ticket through AMP.

Best Regards,

Scott M