koken & imagemagick

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Hi, I'm using a new CMS called Koken (http://www.koken.me) it used ImageMagick to cache different sized images to enable the website to be resized to the screen in use.

However, I have tried to put in the paths usr/bin, usr/bin/convert, usr/bin/mogrify and usr/local/bin into the php script that determines the location of convert and it doesn't appear to be converting anything let alone caching it.

I haven't done a batch upload or anything yet, and am trying to do it with single images.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards
Hello Alex, and thanks for your question. It appears that your account has been calling the ImageMagick convert process 321 times today successfully. It also looks like there is an image in the /public_html/koken/storage/cache/000/010/ directory as well, which I assume based off the directory name is where cached images are stored. Did you delete some images since uploading them? As I'm only seeing the one right now, and in the access logs for your website I see lots of other mentions for other images that don't appear to still be there. For instance I see these requests that were successful: /storage/cache/000/009/P5092617_1,medium_large.jpg?1362094648 /storage/cache/000/011/P5092619_1,large.jpg?1362096658 But neither are currently there. Unfortunatley I haven't dealt directly with Koken before, so is it in the admin itself you are seeing the images don't appear to be resizing, or after the fact in the front end? Please let us know as much additional information as possible so that we can better help troubleshoot this issue for you. - Jacob