Why are links to my site not working for some people?

  • Answered

For some reason, I'm having some inconsistencies with links I send to people.

I sent an HTTP link to someone in the UK. Link works fine for me and everyone I've talked to except for this person. The whole website works fine for them, but this particular link is not working. Any reason that would happen?

I thought maybe it was something to do with the recipient being out of country, but it works fine for other countries.

Hello rabmedia, Thank you for your question. We would need more information to provide a specific answer, since there are several things that can cause this. What was the link the exact customer is using? Are they on a business, or private network, or possibly a shared network (ie Starbucks, or college)? Was the DNS modified recently, which can require propagation? It could possibly be a DNS server the customer is using experiencing issues. Also, I recommend having the customer perform a Ping/Tracert, which will provide a specific answer. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below, or contact live Tech Support. They are available 24/7 via: Email: [email protected] Phone: 888-321-HOST (4678) 757-416-6575 (Intl.) & Chat (there is a link on the top right). Thank you, -John-Paul