Open Cart Shipping Extensions Problem

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I am sending this again because my update (edit) question did not get answered.

A couple of days ago you showed me where to find the documentation to upload a shipping extension I purchased.

Total Based Shipping
Flat Rate Shipping Slabs

I uploaded them and it went fine. The second upload is simply an overwrite to the original files. An update for 1.5.4 and others.

In my shipping extensions I am supposed to see a new choice:

Flat Rate Shipping-Slabs

It is not there and I have no answers. I emailed the developer but you know how that goes.

Please help,


Hello Simon, and thanks for your question. I apologize if an edited question of yours went unanswered, I do see where it looks like we emailed you with the installation instructions for the OpenCart 1.5.x Total-Based Shipping - Slabs v1.4 module. From what I can tell it looks like possible these steps were not completed:

1. Unzip and upload the following files to the root directory of your
OpenCart installation, preserving directory structure


I took a look on your account and the only medi files I'm seeing are:


So I would guess that in your admin you're not seeing the additional features due to the files in the /admin directory missing. Please try to add those files like the instructions go over and let us know if you're still not seeing the new option. - Jacob