Different wordpress install onto a subdomain

  • Answered
Hi there,

I have recently set up the subdomin catc.hazyshots.com on my account and I would like to install wordpress and run a blog from there for all my college work. It will be a distinct and seperate wordpress theme from that that I will eventually have at my home domain of hazyshots.com. Is this possible? everytime I try and install it it says that it cant create the sql database.

Am I doing something wrong? Or can I only have the one wordpress install on hazyshots.com?

Thanks in advance....
Hello Paul_Haze, If you are getting the message about not being able to create the database, that usually means you have used up all your database slots. I checked on your account and that is the case. If you have one database you are not using, you can certainly delete that one to make room and then you can install WordPress in the subdomain. Additionally, you can choose to upgrade your account to a slightly larger plan. This will give you more database slots if you need them. Best Regards,| Scott M