PHP files not updating

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I've started to encounter a weird problem with my server and updating php files. When I edit a php file and save it to the ftp the change can take an entire day to show up, or not at all. If I create a test.php file which intitially has the content "test" and then edit the content and save it the change won't be displayed.

This problem doesn't seem to apply to html files, just php/phtml files.

This started about a month ago.

I just tried restarting the FTP server and that applied the changes made to the php files, BUT further changes don't take effect unless the server is restarted again.

Is there a server-side cache that's been enabled that only gets cleared when the FTP restarts?
Hello Griffin0991,

The reason you are seeing the delay in the php edits is not due to FTP, but due to the APC caching you had installed about a month ago. The cache is set for a 30 minute caching time.

Best Regards,
Scott M