How to change an email address?

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Our private domain name is long and I originally made our staff emails long as well. I need to shorten from their names to initials.

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Arnel C
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Hello Ladonnahargis,

Thanks for the question about shortening your email addresses.  You would need to delete email addresses if you're going to change them.  You can do that by going into the cPanel and creating new email addresses based on your staff initials.  If you don't want to delete the existing email addresses you can create email forwarders for the existing long email addresses. You can point the email forwarders (based on the staff initals) to the corresponding long emails.  This way, any email sent to your long emails will work and emails sent to the shortened email addresses will go to the corresponding email addresses.  Any NEW email address you create should use the abbreviated format that you have selected for your email accounts.

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Arnel C.