e-mail tools order of precendence

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I'm using a combination of Spamassassin, Boxtrapper and User Level Filtering to fight spam in my email account. I'm trying to figure out which tools are applied in which order on incoming e-mails and I can't quite figure it out.

For example, I have a user level filtering rule that states if an incoming messages contains a certain name that that message should be deleted. Running a test on the rule w/ a sample shows that the rule is working.

However, the message is never deleted; it's just marked as spam by Spamassassin. This suggests that messages hit Spamassassin before they make it to User Level Filtering and, further, that messages marked as spam (and, thus, moved to my spam folder) are never subsequently run through my User Level Filtering Rules.

But then I see the occasional message show up in Boxtrapper that has the ***SPAM*** tag at the beginning of the subject line (but it's rare).

Very confusing.

Can somebody explain to me this ordr of precedence?
Hello ChrisJScott,

According to our Systems team, the order of precedence is SpamAssassin, then Boxtrapper, then Account/User level filtering. They also do not advise using Boxtrapper in general while using SpamAssassin.

Best Regards,
Scott M