2 x wordpress installations to 2 different domains.... have I done this correctly?

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Hi there,

So this is my first time attempting this and I wanted to make sure I was going about it right before I go too far down the track.

I am attempting to setup 2 websites - hazyshots.com (for my photography) and hazybeats.com (for my music productions). I have registered both names with namecheap.com and have updated namecheaps DNS Servers to point to inmotions DNS.

Now this is where I am a teensty bit confused. Hazyshots.com is my 'main' domain, and hazybeats.com is an add-on domain. I have installed wordpress in both the main directory AND within the hazybeats directory. Now, once the DNS servers have been updated and hazyshots and hazybeats are pointing to inmotion, will it automatically know which site to head to? And is it a case of simply uploading the themes that I want into their respective directories and away I go?

Apologies if some of my terminology is out. It seems a lot of the help regarding adding domains on the site is geared towards domin names bought through inmotion, which is why I am a little confused as I have bought my domains elsewhere. Thanks for any help......
Thank you for your question Paul_Haze! You are correct. When you add a domain in your addon domains, the server has whats called DNS entries that point the domain to your specific account. The file location for each domain is stored in the configuration on the server so when the nameservers resolve, each domain will route to its specific folder location. You should see it load within 24 hours of the nameserver change. We have a nice video on how DNS works at the following location. Updating your domain's dns / nameservers Hope this helps! Best Regards. James R