zencart email setup

  • Answered
Hi, I am trying to setup email in Zencart. Where do I find the required settings:
- E-Mail Transport Method
- SMTP Email Mail Host
- SMTP Email Mail Server Port

My domain is kanyoobags.com

Thank you for our question Ulrike! If you are setting up SMTP for your email on our server you can use the following. - E-Mail Transport Method: SMTP - SMTP Email Mail Host: ecbiz132.inmotionhosting.com - SMTP Email Mail Server Port: 25 These settings will work as an SMTP email service through your ZenCart on our ecbiz132 server. To get your host name for your server, Please see Viewing Your Account's technical information in AMP. Also, to set up emails and get your email settings, check our Getting Stated: Email guide. If you are setting up SMTP for a different email address like your Gmail or Yahoo, then you will use their server hostname and information. For more information, see our How to connect your CMS to SMTP email. Hope this helps! Best Regards, James R