Server's Certificate does not match URL

  • Answered
Hello, this is probably a stupid question and I apologize in advance. I am very new to creating a website and I have read through the forums to answer most of my questions however I am having a really hard time with my SSL certificate. I did purchase a dedicated certificate through inmotion. My site is It is a opencart store. I have set my settings to enable SSL. and also went into my admin folder to see if my Conf. files were correct. When you go to my sites homepage the HTTPS is XXX out in front of the www. and it says "Servers certificate does not match URL." Is this because my SSL is Any guidance on how I could correct my problem I would really appreciate it.
Hello travelingjack1, and thanks for your question. Sorry to hear that your're having troubles with the SSL for your OpenCart site. Unfortunately as you've discovered you are going to run into problems when you set the URL for your OpenCart site to something different than what your SSL has been issued for. I have gone ahead and corrected this issue for you by updating your OpenCart config.php to reflect the URL so that you won't get any SSL warnings about the domain mismatch happening as you did when accessing it over www. I went ahead and tested out your site and it appears to be properly functioning now. Please let us know if you are still experiencing any issues with it. - Jacob