How do I get to the Wordpress login?

  • Answered
When I enter my URL as:
all that comes up is a page with sponsors on it. I can't get to
The username and password of WORDPRESS.
Hello Prissel55, The reason you are seeing the ads is because your domain name is not pointed to our name servers. You will need to visit the registrar you used to get the domain name and change the domain to point to our name servers, which are and This process will take from 4-24 hours to propagate, after which you will be able to access the site using Alternatively, you can set up your Wordpress to use your Temp URL while you are waiting for the name servers to propagate. If you can wait the 4-24 hours, however, it is best as you will need to remove any changes made once the domain points to our name servers. Best Regards, Scott M