Open cart Category location

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Good morning Open Cart techs,

Yesterday I did some house cleaning with regard to my Categories on the HOME page.

The only thing I did was get rid of some of the old default subcategories and changed the name of one of my new categories. It immediately moved my categories to the top of my header, also looks like it changed the font size.

I usually do pretty good in the Style Sheet but as I have said before this particular one looks different to me and there are so many settings in the category section.

Please advise,

Which code do I want to move the Categories where I want. I can play around with the positioning once I know which coding to use.

Also please advise on the changing of Font size and style.

Thanks in advance.
Thank your for your question simonbk! The categories are the following id. id="categories" The file you want is the following location where is says #categories on line 100. public_html/test/catalog/view/theme/simple/stylesheet/stylesheet.css You can add css for the id like the following to position the categories lower. position: relative; top:80px The code will look like this: #categories{float:right;width:auto;border-right:1px solid #ececec;position: relative;top:80px} Make sure you don't delete any attributes in the css as it may break the menu. You can also change the font there as well. Hope this helps. Sincerely, James R