Changing content background color

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WordPress noob. Using the Twenty Twelve theme (actually, a child theme) & WP 3.5. Site is:

I want to change the background color of the "Content" area (not the "Background") to #444444, and Content area text to approx. #dddddd.

I assume this is done in style.css...but I can't figure out where.

Also, is there a plugin that makes this basic color/font picker stuff simpler?

Hello GentryBoxers,

To change the css of a theme, you want to log into your admin dashboard.

From there, click on the Appearance category in the left hand sidebar.

Find and click the Editor option.

This brings up a list of files in the right hand sidebar, scroll down and you will find the different stylesheets at the bottom under Styles. There may be several files listed, depending on your theme.

Click on the different stylesheets and they will open in the editor in the middle of the page so you can modify them.

As faras plugins, I am unaware of one that does what you are asking, but do some searching either in WP or using a search engine as there are thousands of different plugins available.

Best Regards,
Scott M