Loss of Data

  • Answered

Jacob and Company,

Today something bad happened that needs your attention.

As you know, with Open Cart you get different available modules to use. I uninstalled the "LATEST" module because it was not what I needed. I installed (activated) the "Featured" Module.

The module works fine and does what I need: however, upon activating the module it wiped out 1/3 of the products in the Dog Bed category. No other products were touched. Just so you know, the items deleted were not in the Featured module.

Guys, the heck? That this can happen disturbs me greatly as I like other owners of sites will be making changes all the time.

This really need to be answered.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Bruce, thanks for your question. Sorry to hear that you might of had some data loss in your database. It doesn't quite make sense that simply removing the Latest module, and activating the Featured module in OpenCart would cause it to actually delete products from the database itself. By default when activating the Featured module it's only going to be setup to display certain featured items, you then need to go into the module settings to actually set which items should be displayed. If you happen to follow the steps that I responded to your other question on OpenCart modules with. When you start typing in one of the "missing" products, are you able to see it? If so, this would indicate that the product itself is still in the database, but it's just no longer displaying because of it not being added as a featured product. My best guess would be that items in the Dog Bed category were possibly the latest ones you added, so they were showing when you had the Latest module activated, but when you switched it they fell off the page. In the future I'd also recommend backing up your MySQL database before making any changes in OpenCart, so that you can simply fall back to the old data in case something goes wrong. You can follow our guides on how to export a database in phpMyAdmin and how to import a database in phpMyAdmin for steps on how this accomplished. If the data is in fact missing from the database, if possible please give us an as accurate description of the steps you took as possible, so that we can document and warn about this for future users. - Jacob