I don't know how to go back in my old settings after I entered settings for G Suite

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Hi! I'm sorry, I don't speak english very well, but I really need your help!

My problem began when my gmail adress was considered as SPAM. I asked advice and people told me that I needed to add a domain adress in my gmail account. I looked on Google how to do this and I followed the instructions. This led me to a G Suite account. I didn't know, at this moment, that this account will be a paying account, because there was no information about it.

So, I followed their instructions to change my settings in my Inmotion Hosting account (like MX and C...I don't know what!). I didn't know what I was doing, but everything was so well explained that I had no difficulty to do it. I had the surprise, once everything was done, to enter in my new account and see that they were asking me to enter my credit card number, cause the free part was just for 14 days!

I don't want to pay this, so I cancelled my G suite account. But now, I really don't know how to set up my Inmotion account to go back to my gmail adress. I wanna cry, I'm really bad with all this and I don't know what to do!

Does someone can help me please?

Thank you!