Wordpress Installed Dont Know What To Do Next

  • Answered
Hi all,
My question is now that I have wordpress installed through fantastico, what do I do next? How do I get to the wordpress dashboard to even begin to learn how to do something?

I am brand new to website creation however I did more than an hour of searching for help before posting this question.

Most of what I read in support center assumed I already had this basic knowledge.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Ty, and thanks for your question. After you've installed WordPress via Softaculous (which has replaced Fantastico), the next step would probably be learning how to connect to your WordPress site on our server by modifying your local hosts file. This is because right now your domain name is still pointed at your previous web host. So if you try to access your WordPress admin dashboard using your domain name, right now it would try to go to your old host. Alternatively you could also modify your wp-config.php file on our server to use WordPress using your temporary URL. Once you've done one of these things, then you should be able to log into your WordPress dashboard. The WordPress dashboard would be accessed in one of these formats: http://YourDomain.com/wp-admin http://biz130.inmotionhosting.com/userna5/wp-admin The first example would be how you access the dashboard if you modified your local hosts file, the 2nd would be if you used your temporary URL for WordPress. You'll want to be sure though to replace userna5 in the URL with your actual cPanel username. I'm not sure if you had a chance to take a look at our WordPress education channel, but it's full of lots of great articles that we've written to answer a lot of customer questions on getting started with WordPress. If you'd like a more in-depth overview of WordPress, and to talk to someone live about questions that you might have, you can sign up for one of our InMotion Hosting support webinars. The one you'd be looking for is the 2nd one called An Introduction to WordPress. You'd be able to watch one of our screens live as we go over feature in WordPress, and you're able to virtually raise your hand if you have a question or need something explained in more detail. I hope that information was helpful to you. If you're still hitting any road blocks getting going with WordPress please let us know more specifically what you're trying to do and we'd be glad to help. - Jacob