Drupal Forum - how can posting of new content be enabled ?

  • Answered
"You are not allowed to post new content in the forum." is presented for every Drupal forum for every user type. How can the forums be made functional ?
Hello jamesf13,

The Drupal Forum module initially has all posting permissions turned off for security purposes.

You can turn on permissions by going to the Module section and finding the Forum section in the Core listing.

From there, click on the Permissions link found on the right hand side. This will open up a list of permissions for all users.

Scroll down the the Node section. There will be five different permissions relating to Forum Topic. You will be able to set the permissions for Anonymous User, Authenticated User, and Administrator. (note whenever you give a permission to either Anonymous or Authenticated Users, the Administrator will automatically get the same permission.)

Click on the Save Permissions button at the very bottom to confirm and activate the new permissions. From there, you will be able to add new content to your forum, depending on the user type and permission.

Best Regards,
Scott M