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I purchased a new Open Cart Theme. I have uploaded it and it DOES show up in the dropdown menu in my Store Settings. I selected the new theme and clicked SAVE.

When I go to my storefront I see my default theme.

Deleted all cookies ....etc.

Refreshed 5 times.

Why don't I see the beautiful new theme I purchased? I need to get started.

The Open Cart is in:

We separated it because I did not want my old WordPress file interfering with Open Cart.


Got your response. You are correct, my new theme is the "SIMPLE" theme.

I have read the documentation and I am lost, which is why I asked for help. I don't think I need to make that many changes. One of them is language. My site is already in Enlglish. Can you take a look and see what I actually need to do to finish the upload and see my new theme in my Storefront. Maybe I am just spoiled having used WordPress before.


I am making progress on the new theme. One thing I don't understand is that in the documentation the author says to REPLACE two folders in the main language folder. I don't know what he means by replace. Everything seems to be in order.

To be honest I don't know how two replace a folder anyway.
Hello simonbk,

I may need a bit more information from you. What is the name of the theme you purchased? The theme I see on your site currently is A Simple Store by raviG. I can see that at the bottom.

Please check the documentation at as there are several files that need to be altered for it to display correctly.

Best Regards,
Scott M