Blog Set-up

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I would like to produce a specific type of blog and would like advice please.
The heading to start with a small picture of the blogger and then the title.
Then a relevant photo at the top of the blog. Then the script and finally the same relevant photo at the bottom of the blog.

Hello Circumspect, I'm not sure which Blog software you want to use, though there are quite a few out there. As a webhost we can definitely host your blog if you want to do that. You can also select a FREE blog solution such as or The difference being that you have complete control over the blog if you host it (using Inmotion's services for example), and you're limited to what Google and Wordpress will let you do if you use those free solutions. What you are describing is pretty much functionality that is available on any of the blogger softwares out there. Posting photos and text is standard functionality. If you want a suggestion using our hosting, I would suggest using Wordpress (it's the most widely used software for building blogs/websites on the internet). Just to clear one thing up - Wordpress has a version that you can host on a web server and they also have a version that can be used freely, but you have to sign for an account with them. The free version also does not include a dedicated URL. We have guides on for the Hosted version of using Wordpress here: Introduction to Wordpress tutorials Try that out and I'm sure you'll find that it will meet your blogging needs. If you have any further questions, please contact technical support or leave a comment at the bottom of the page. Regards, Arnel C.