document root e fiel properties

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I have to install a php web site using "install.php" file.
I don't want install the site into directory /home/soloar5/www, but I prefer to use a subdirectory /home/soloar5/www/
Should I configure apache virtualhost to connect the servername to the serverroot?

DocumentRoot /www/mysite

Before and later I execute install.php I have to modify the permission (chmod) of some file. Can I do it? I should have a ssh connection ?

Thanks for the question ciccio! On shared servers, our systems support will need to change the document root for you. They can do this no problem. Our tech support staff will need to do this. Please contact support by email ([email protected]) with this request. You will need to verify the account with the original AMP password or the last 4 digits of the credit card on file in the email. Shared servers do not have SSH access. You will need a VPS or dedicated server to have SSH access. Please see the following link on this. Do you provide SSH access? Best regards, James R