I can't create a new AMP

  • Answered
Hi Guys,
I am a new Customer for your site and would like to create an AMP. Requirements are to enter domain name or C-panel and then my email. But I still don't have domain purchased with you neither C-panel created. So, I don't understand what domain to enter in the reg.form as I don't have one. I will purchase domains for the future with your site. Please advise how to do this registration in your site.

Hello nyordanova, and thank you for your question. Sorry to hear that you're having problems. It looks like you've just created a support account with us at the moment. In order to register and login to our AMP (Account Management Panel) interface, you must first sign up for hosting with us. During the order process you'll be asked if you already have a domain name registered, and if you'd like to use that, or you can register a new domain name as well. You can take a look at our various shared hosting plans, as well as our VPS and dedicated server offerings. Once you've signed up, you can review our guide on how to log into AMP. If you had any other questions at all, please feel free to ask. - Jacob