The link from google to my blog appears to be broken. Is this something you can fix?

  • Answered
Hello LizSinger, and thank you for your question.

Did you recently move your WordPress installation from the [/public_html/blog] directory to just [/public_html]? Or change your permalink structure? I see looking at the Google Cache of your website from December 3rd that when adding [/blog] onto the end of your domain name there were posts there.

However when you do this now you are getting a page not found error. It doesn't just happen when clicking on links from Google to the [/blog] directory either. If you simply go to your website and then append [/blog] onto the end it results in the same problem.

It looks like if you append something like [/2012/11/] onto the end of your domain it is still pulling that up, or if you are using [/category/happy/] that is working as well.

Please provide us with as much information as you can as to any recent modifications that you've made such as installing/removing any plugins, or altering anything in your WordPress administration panel to help us better troubleshoot this problem for you.

- Jacob