Temporary vs permanent web site

  • Answered
I have a web site hosted here currently (www.gentryboxers.com) but want to completely redesign it. Most likely with WordPress, if that matters.

I need to keep the current site available while I create the site that will replace it. I'm guessing I'll create a subdomain (temp.gentryboxers.com) and use that for the working copy until it's ready to publish in "www". But if there's some better way to manage that, that's fine too.

I know how to create a subdomain, but when the time comes, how do I move the new site from "temp" to "www"?

Thank you for your question GentryBoxers? You can install the wordpress on the subdomain and when you are done building the site you can move the files to the main domain and then change the site url. Here are the steps to do this. 1. Move the current site to a back up folder in your file manager. Using File Manager in cPanel 2. Copy the files from your subdomain directory to your directory for your domain. 3. Log into your Wordpress Dashboard. 4. Change the site url to your domins url. WordPress - Changing the Site URL and Home Settings Now your wordpress site will load with your domain . You can keep the subdomain wordpress files in there, or you can remove them from the subdomain directory. You may want to keep the files for a backup. Hope this helps. Regards James R