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I created this website with Word Press on 11/24. How and where do I need to move the files so that they are public? I guess I'm confused about the file structure. Can't see the files in Cpanel or don't know where to look. Also, should I move my Word Press installation to a subdirectory and if so, how? Again, trouble with understanding the file structure in File Manager. If this is all obvious, my apologies.
David C.
Hello dlc2012, and thank you for your question.

Unfortunately without having any information to go off of it's hard for us to tell what exactly you're asking for help with.

I took a look at your website and it looks like you've installed a WordPress site in the [/dir] directory. Were you having some issues accessing this WordPress installation, or did you have question about another section of your website?

Please let us know more specifics of your problem so that we can offer the best advice on the issue for you.

- Jacob