Security Warning for JUploadApplet

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Joomla 2.5 built site
Added an extension: Phoca Gallery
Works great, except:
When I try to add images, I get this Security Warning
Do you want to run this application?
Name: wjhk.jupload2.JUploadApplet
Publisher Unknown:
From: (it's coming from my live site)
- I can accept this warning on my computer, but don't know if I should.
- inmotion hosting tech support couldn't help with understanding what this is and why I'm getting a warning.
- there is a web page that deals with this, but I'm not technical enough to understand it.
- have checked phoca gallery forum and others have had this problem but there is no resolution.
Any ideas on how to get resolve this?
Note: even though I could accept the risk of the Security Warning, on another computer, that Security warning didn't even show up - it just closed the broswer every time.
Hello j_l_k, and thanks for your question. It sounds like the Phoca Gallery extension that you've found relies on a Java based applet to handle image uploads which is very rare since Java isn't typically found on shared servers. Most web based applications will handle this with server-side PHP scripts. Looking at the documentation it seems like you should have other options for singe file upload, flash upload, or Java upload. Also it sounds like you can also simply upload them via Joomla's built-in Media Manager, or just by standard FTP: Phoca Gallery - Uploading images Please let us know if you're able to upload images using one of the other options available for that extension. - Jacob