How do I Troubleshoot Outlook 2010?

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while i am configure the outlook 2010 in Test the account, Enter your password is again and again displaying... What is the reason..?

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Thanks for posting your question regarding troubleshooting the email account you are trying to test in Outlook 2010. I'm sorry to see that you are experiencing issues with that. There can be many reasons why this is not working. I recommend starting by resetting the password on the email account. This can help to clear up issues when Outlook is advising that the password is being incorrectly entered. Also, be sure to enter the username as the full email address. You can use our guide Viewing your Email Settings in cPanel and Webmail to help locate the information needed to set up commonly used email clients like Outlook 2010.

Remember, if you are a customer of InMotion Hosting, then you can always contact our Live Technical Support for more assistance. I recommend reaching out to them after trying the troubleshooting I mentioned, so they can review the server logs to determine if there are any issues with your account that they can assist you with.

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Carlos D.