SAFE email address now getting bouncebacks

  • Answered
I sent an email to our accountant today ([email protected]). We email back and forth quite often and is on my SAFE list...I checked. Just this afternoon, he tried to reply to an email I sent him and he got this message...

The remote server would not or could not accept the message.


JunkMail rejected...

Looks like it's spamcop.

Thank you for your question automationsolutions? Sorry for the trouble with the bounces. We looked at your email logs and found the following. []:50519 I=[]:25 F= rejected RCPT : "JunkMail rejected - []:50519 is in an RBL, see Blocked - see" The IP address that is blocked is This IP is from the following company: OrgName:, Inc. OrgId: WEBCO-24 Address: 12808 Gran Bay Parkway West City: Jacksonville StateProv: FL PostalCode: 32258 Country: US Please see: MX Toolbox The domain is not using our server for an email server. That domain is pointing to Network solutions. 7200 IN MX 10 ;; AUTHORITY SECTION: 87715 IN NS 87715 IN NS Please let your accountant know that his domain email IP is on a blacklist and to contact his hosting company to have the IP cleaned or replaced. Unfortunately, when an IP is on a blacklist, there is nothing we can do to accept their emails. Sorry for the inconvenience. Take Care! James R