Sales tax not working properly

  • Answered
I've set up the tax rate according so GeoZone, tax class, and tax rate based on shipping address, but it does not show the tax in the checkout screen. I also have tax enabled in my order total with opencart. Can you tell me what the problem may be? The products are labeled as taxable goods and I cannot seem to troubleshoot this. Thank you.
Hello BuckSnort, I was reviewing this seeing how best to answer and it according to OpenCart documentation, you would need to setup a Geozone (and properly assign it) in order to apply taxes. I don't have enough information to verify what you've done in your account. It would help to be able to login and take a look at your settings to see if something were missing. However, if you were to provide us this information through the website, the main issue would be privacy. You might want to provide something temporarily just for us to troubleshoot and then close it off. Checkout these articles: Setting up GeoZones in OpenCart Or the direct reference in the OpenCart: OpenCart's Geo Zone documentation If you have any further questions, please contact technical support or leave a comment at the bottom of the page. Regards, Arnel C.